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My goal is to make interactive science notebooks engaging for 5th grade and middle school science students while improving science test scores. NGSS expert, teacher, tpt author, mom, & widow

Meet Me

 My classroom is a mix of green and blue with white polka dots and I introduce myself to my science students as Mrs. Proton Priest. (Be like a proton, be positive +.) That is where the name for this blog came from. My blog topics have evolved. I am passionate about hands-on, experiential learning and so that is where all of this started. I taught TK-6 grade science until the 2020 pandemic hit and budget cuts and distance learning took over education. I am now a 5th grade teacher who does a lot of science in class. My students' CAST test scores reflect their knowledge and my love of teaching science. I like to share my love of teaching science and ability to create clean, visual products with other teachers through my blog and TPT store.

Getting bins and materials ready for students

Work Experience:

I have worked in many capacities as a teacher including as a parent educator for two local districts and in adult education. Parent education is another passion as I have worked to learn and grow as a parent. My children are my greatest accomplishment and I am proud of the people they have become.

I currently teach at a beautiful school in a valley near the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park. It is close to home and tucked in a heavenly spot. I love our K-8 "Little School" as we call it. I started back to full time teaching in 2013 after working part time for 14 years while the kids were little.

I started my Mrs. Proton Priest Teachers Pay Teachers store in June of 2016. It has grown and been a wonderful creative outlet. I wish I could paint but creating resources for my students and other teachers throughout the world is my artistic talent.

Shawn and Ginny in Big Sur

Becoming a Young Widow:

I was joyfully married to my best friend. We have with three children. In May of 2019, I was pulled from my classroom and told my husband was in a car accident and did not survive. This was just before our 23 wedding anniversary. Our oldest was across the world serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Cebu East Philippines. My world changed. This journey has been tough and beautiful. While handling intense heart ache, I have witnessed incredible love, kindness, and heaven sent miracles. I feel heaven close. Sometimes my prayers are just me kneeling and being there with God. Sometimes I am too tired to know what to say but I feel God's love and understanding.

Elder Tyler Priest serving in the Cebu East Mission in the Philippines

The miracles are personal and profound. I wish I knew how to share them effectively. This blog gives me a way to put them into words as I feel ready. I am a young widow learning about loss, moving forward, and creating a future. I'm not particularly good at it but I'm learning.

Life is a journey with mountains, valleys, and sometimes beautiful views

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