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Code Studio Elective: Makeblock Projects

Our Makeblock robots are put together and we are waiting for our laptops to arrive. Don't you just love their little faces? I am a want-to-be tech girl but my skills are truly mediocre so I am really happy I found bots that are my speed. Mr. H helped me find these cute little friends.

We put them together in pairs in one class period. I had one student who had put one together before and I had put one together during the weekend so we had some experience which I highly recommend. The kids thought the booklet of instructions was good but I thought it skipped steps.

My students are excited so I hope the laptops come soon! Last night I put together a projects page on my website. I haven't tried these projects out so I will let you know how they go once they are vetted. I was able to find some videos on youtube so I am hopeful they will work! We are currently working on CS Discoveries Unit 3 Game Lab and will use the Makeblock robots the last four weeks of our 13 week elective. I am really enjoying CS Discoveries by code.org.

Here is a screenshot of my projects page. Link HERE.