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Have you heard about doodle notes?

I sell on TPT and... I buy too. I have purchased some "doodle notes" and I like them because it gives a lot of information in a visual format on a single page. I often do fill in the blank notes with students because I have 35 students in a class with very mixed abilities. I like doodle notes because it is even a more visual format. Some doodle notes are really busy so I try to stick to some with some white space. Some students get overwhelmed by a full, crowded page. I buy doodle notes I like, and when I can't find what I need, I have started to make me own.

I teach K-6 science and I have found doodle notes I like for Punnett Squares and energy for 6th grade (we do the integrated NGSS model.) (See our standards on our Weebly HERE)

I have started creating my own doodle notes to link with NGSS. Here are notes on the sun and gravity's influence on the water cycle (NGSS MS-ESS2-4.) Link on TPT HERE.

Here are the body systems doodle notes I made for NGSS MS-LS1-3. I included the specific systems the standard specifies. Link HERE.

Here are doodle notes for energy I have purchased. Link to Kate's Classroom Cafe.

Here are the doodle notes for Punnett Squares I have purchased. Link here to Morehouse Magic.