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Go Digital: A New Twist on the NGSS Science & Engineering Practice of Student Created Models!

Are you interested in using digital models in your classroom for exploration and assessment?

I teach 2nd-6th grade science and I've been experimenting with using models. We sketch, label, explain, and revise our models. I love seeing what the students are thinking.

When I first saw the standards and all of the "create a model" language, I thought of diorama like structures I felt overwhelmed. But simple sketches do the job too. And now... digital models that begin with a Google slide- no coding needed!

I created a slide for students to label Earth's spheres and explain the interaction between two the Earth's spheres. This is a great project for a unit on Earth's spheres (geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere.) This activity can be used as an assessment if you choose. This project works with NGSS 5-ESS2-1

To use this free resource you need:

  • Google drive
  • Google classroom set up 

Earth's spheres activity: This is a picture of the slide you share on Google classroom. Be sure to make each student a copy. I have included a picture of the slide above but the real one has a gif as the picture which really adds to the engagement. The bushes are swaying in the wind. 

Sample of Completed Slide: Earth's Spheres and interactions

Students drag and drop the labels, arrows and pictures onto the gif and then choose two of Earth's spheres and their connection to explain in the text box on the right. This is such a great way to make a model! As students interact with this scaffolded slide, they will be able to make their own slides from scratch eventually.

Free Resource: Click Here
This free resource includes detailed instructions on how to use it. Click Here to download.

I also have a paid version coming soon with four slides (beach, fall tree, forest with rain, and the desert.) One slide can be modeled for the students and then one of two can be chosen by students as an assessment. Rubrics are included as well.
Here is the product cover