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Body Systems Doodle Sketch Notes & Power Point Slides

I am working on adding Power Point Slides to my Doodle Sketch Note resources. Today I added a slide show to the Body Systems Doodle Sketch Notes & Quiz resource. Link Here
My students love the Power Point Slides and I like how I can walk around the room with a clicker to change the slide and am not a hostage up front writing. Here is the student page.
This resource works towards teaching NGSS MS LS1-3. Students write the notes on their page that are in orange and underlined on the slide. Here are samples of some slides.

I love how doodle sketch notes get a lot of information in a small amount of space in a visual manner. This resource also comes with a quiz and there is a concept map and game that can be purchased separately or as a bundle. Link HERE to the Body Systems Bundle