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Favorite Science Songs for Kids

I teach elementary science and I love to incorporate music. Here are some of my favorite songs.

TK-2nd The Science Song by the Learning Station:
Show the video and make up hand motions for hibernation (sleeping), evaporation, gravity (we hit our desks with our hands), and metamorphosis (flapping wings like a butterfly).

TK-2 John Muir by the Deedle Deedle Dees
What a great way to learn about the conservationist John Muir. We pretend to play the guitar and stroke our "big ol' beards."

1st - 3rd Grade The Lights Went on by Jonathon Sprout about Thomas Edison
I like using this with a 1st grade NGSS unit about light and with 3rd graders when they read the Journeys ELA story about Thomas Edison. You can hear Thomas Edison's voice too!

1st-3rd Grade When They Flew by Jonathon Sprout about the Wright Brothers
I like to use this song with we study Invisible Forces in 3rd grade. We also watch the BrainPop video about the Wright Brothers.