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BYU Village Drill and Cole

I love the story of the Village Drill created by BYU engineering students to drill wells in remote areas of the world. This human powered drill can be floated in canoes to reach villages that need water. The drill comes apart and a newer version has even been shipped via the carry on luggage. This drill has provided wells to over 33 countries in need.

I share this video with my 5th grade students learning about Earth's spheres and how much of the water on Earth is fresh water and how much is salt water. I also share this story with 6th graders learning about the water cycle and human impact.

I graduated from  BYU. Recently, our son, Cole, was accepted to this incredible university. He is currently choosing where to attend college. So, this weekend, Cole, Addy, and I flew up to Utah to tour BYU. When we were visiting the new engineering building, we saw one of the Village Drills.
As a science teacher, I love the story of the Village Drill. It is a story of ingenuity, persistance, and solving a need. So much of life has to do with us choosing how we approach a challenge. I love stories of challenge and success. I love stories where people succeed in helping others and making a difference.

Cole may or may not choose to attend BYU but it was a wonderful weekend. I shared the story of the Village Drill again in class today with our Watery Planet Mystery Science Unit. 

I hope you watch the video at the top of this page and are inspired. When we see a need, sometimes we can be part of the solution.

Every day, I am working to make life better for my wonderful children and students. I am grateful for those cheering us on and we work to cheer others on their journey. I felt fortunate to have one of my roommates, Kate, with me as I showed the kids where we went to school. Keeping my fingers crossed that Cole and Addy want to be BYU Cougars!