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Looking for Appropriate Ways to Teach Sexual and Asexual Reproduction?

Teach middle school students about sexual and asexual reproduction minus the awkwardness. Some students slowly sink down in their chairs like an invisible octopus is pulling on their shoes while other students flush to pink at the thought of using the vocabulary words sexual and asexual reproduction. The awkward hush over the classroom or few nervous gigglers conveys to you that there need to be clear learning parameters to pull off this topic in middle school where the girls often tower over the boys as puberty begins for some and lays dormant in others. If you are nervous about this NGSS standard, you aren't alone. I was too before I had sweet success and neither the students nor I felt discomfort - start with an initial introduction and set clear parameters. 

Sexual and Asexual Reproduction Made Easy shows pictures of horses and rabbits along with a spider plant and a starfish

How do I Introduce a Unit on Sexual and Asexual Reproduction to Middle School Students?

1. Be clear that this isn't a family life unit and specifics on reproduction will not be discussed.
2. Let students know that asexual reproduction means one parent and sexual reproduction refers to two parents. Sperm and egg are terms used to discuss sexual reproduction (We don't want anyone to be shocked.)
3. Assure students that these are the limits of this unit

Once you have clear boundaries of discussion, stick to them. 

What Videos are Appropriate and Educational to Show?

This Amoeba Sisters video introduces to sexual and asexual reproduction. This video does talk about sperm and egg cells and has animations of these cells.

This Fuse School video explains asexual reproduction well. The background music isn't my favorite but... hey it's like the organ music they used to have at piano and organ stores in the mall. Always preview the videos you show to make sure they work for your students. 

Time for Sketch Notes and a Sexual and Asexual Reproduction Poster Project

Sketch notes engage students and are great for interactive science notebooks. This set of notes covers asexual and sexual reproduction basics along with plant structures and animal behaviors that help with reproduction. Click HERE to see the preview on TPT.
4 pages of sexual and sexual reproduction sketch notes

This poster project is simple and educational without getting awkward. Students chose one plant or animal that reproduces sexually and one that reproduces asexually. Students explain how asexual reproduction creates identical offspring that are exactly like the parent while sexual reproduction involves genetic variation of traits. Click HERE to see more about this project on TPT.
Sexual and Asexual Poster Project Sample

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