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Looking For an Easy Earth Day Activity that Teaches About Human Impact?

Would you like an engaging and educational Earth Day science activity to teach positive and negative human impact on the environment?

Don't you love holiday activities that hit standards and are fun? This is a low stress activity because it is simply coloring beautiful graphics. Use it for sub plans or a day you all just need to breathe. Sometimes we all need a step back and something that is just easy but still educational. These middle school science coloring pages teach about human impact on the environment in a beautiful and educational format for 5th-grade and middle school science students. Celebrate Earth Day with a science activity that includes writing prompts called CERs or Claim Evidence Reasoning writing.

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Science Quick Writes:

If you want to take this activity to the next level, here are some ideas to use as quick writes or longer science writing activities. We do quick writes in class several times each week. Do you know why they work so well? It takes some class brainstorming time and then just 6 minutes of writing! Finally, a few students share what they wrote with the class or we buddy share our writing.

Spotlight Positive and Negative Human Impact with 5 Thought-Provoking Science Writing Ideas:

1. Positive Impact: Write about a time when you or someone you know made a positive impact on the environment. What did you do, and what was the result? This could be as simple as going to the beach, your backyard, a National Park, or a neighborhood park and picking up all of your trash to keep the environment beautiful.

2. Negative Impact: Choose one of the negative human impacts listed on the coloring page and research the effect it has on the environment. Write about what you learned and the ways we can work to reduce this impact.

3. Cause and Effect: Identify a human impact on the environment and describe the cause-and-effect relationship. How does this impact affect the environment and the living things that depend on it?

4. Personal Action Plan: Think about ways you can personally reduce your negative impact on the environment. Create an action plan that includes specific steps you can take to reduce your impact and explain why these steps are important.

5. Debate: Choose a controversial topic related to human impact on the environment, such as using single-use plastics or constructing new highways. Research both sides of the issue, and write a persuasive essay arguing for your position.

I hope these coloring pages and writing prompts help you and your students explore the complex issues surrounding human impact on the environment!

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Positive and negative human impact on the environment coloring activities for elementary and middle school students.
Human impact science activity for 5th grade and middle school students