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Looking for Amazing Morning Meeting Slides and Activities? Download a sample

Are you looking to implement morning meetings with greetings, activities, and messages while teaching SEL? Do you want ready-to-go slides with amazing community-building activities? Me too!

My early attempts at morning meetings were haphazard and we usually had just a greeting (which was pretty predictable.) Even with this minimal attempt to have morning meetings, I saw benefits. I needed thoughtful morning meeting slides that covered SEL topics with fun, no prep activities. Over the summer, I worked to create six weeks of slides with 5 slides on each topic. 

Here are the topics these morning meeting slides cover over six weeks:

  1. Getting to Know Each Other
  2. Active Listening
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Kindness
  5. Using Technology
  6. The Power of Thoughts

Want to sample the first week of morning meeting slides? I have a freebie on TPT. If you love it, I have 6 weeks of morning meeting slides to purchase. HERE

These amazing morning meeting slides each include the following:
1. Greeting (welcoming each class member)
2. Sharing (discussion and sharing related to the topic and message)
3. Activity (interactive community building)
4. Message (quote or other message)

A class having a morning meeting in a circle
Class meeting slides with greetings, activities, and more!

Morning Meeting Slides will Teach Important Social-Emotional Skills

We have a teacher at our school that we love and respect so we call her our "queen." She gives us Sees candy on holidays and brings office supplies as gifts to our meetings. She's a rockstar. She has been teaching generations of students. When I started at my current school, I learned that our "queen" taught her students to say, "Bring it on!" when learning a difficult concept. This was long before the term "mindset" was being used at staff meetings. Carrying on the tradition of our queen, I teach my students to say, "Bring it on!" when things are tough. Our queen has retired but her legacy continues.

Since the pandemic, I have noticed more students struggling with problem-solving and resilience throughout the day including when tackling a new math concept, when stuck when writing, during group work, when returning from recess or lunch, and so forth. I started noting issues to address in order to guide students. These became the inspiration for the morning meeting messages, sharing, and discussion activities.

Morning Meeting slides available for 4th and 5th students
Click HERE and look at the morning meeting product preview

Morning Meeting Slides Provide a Framework for Learning About Resilience

I have needed a lot of self-help podcasts etc. as a 45-year-old sudden widow and almost year-out survivor from cancer. I must have walked under a ladder and gotten some bad luck, but I have children and in order for us to be okay and thrive I've worked hard on learning to be okay even when things aren't "okay." 

I want to pass on what I've learned--and am learning--to my students. Life is challenging but in those challenges, we can have inner peace, gratitude, and joy if we work on our perspective. It takes practice.

I listened to Jenny Lisk's interview of Talia Kovac about building resilience in our kids. (Widowed Parent Podcast Link Here) Talia said, "Resilience is learned, but it can't be taught."

With knowing 

  • kids need opportunities to build resilience by learning their strengths
  • my experience with embracing resilience and celebrating it in my own children
  • and as a classroom teacher seeing some students struggle with tackling challenges I set out to organize meaningful classroom discussions and messages for morning meetings.
Sample slide for morning meeting activities

Want to Read the Morning Meeting Book?

From the Morning Meeting Book by Roxann Kriete and Carol Davis, I've learned about running class meetings. I want to be efficient and effective and have noted issues I want to address in our class meetings. It is a time to reiterate expectations and teach social and emotional skills. It is a time to do activities to practice these skills and build a community.

Morning Meeting Slides Free to Try Out

Do you want to try it out? I have 6 days of morning meetings on Google Slides that can be edited. If it works for you, I have 30 days of morning meetings available for a small purchase price.