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5 Free Products for Your 5th and 6th Graders to Prepare for State Testing or Use in Spring

Could you use some resources to help you through spring? We know this time of year can be stressful until state testing is over and we want to help you with:

-A free lesson you can use right now

-A free resource you can use to review for testing

-A free resource to use after testing

 I meet regularly with a group of teachers authors who live throughout the United States and have taught grades 4 through university students. Together, we are offering spring resources. Choose them all or the items you want.

5th & 6th Grade NGSS Science Review Games

This download includes 2 games, one for 5th grade and one 6th grade science students based on NGSS.

*The 5th grade game is great for test prep. In CA, 5th and 8th grade students take the CAST test. Use the game to review vocabulary and concepts. Be sure to also do the CAST practice tests to prepare.

*The 6th grade game works as a fun end of the year review or to prepare for a final exam. 8th grade science teachers might like to use this game to review 6th grade concepts since the 8th grade test includes 6-8th grade standards.

Free product for 5th grade science test prep
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 Science Freebie: No Prep Ecosystem and Food Web Worksheets

These NO PREP ecosystem and food web worksheets help students identify energy flow in an ecosystem and practice other food web concepts. This resource is from Teaching Science with Lynda R. Williams.

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Math Freebie: Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers Math Mystery

Math mysteries are great because students are so engaged, that they don't realize they are doing serious learning. Get this math mystery freebie from Lisa Yeip from A  Math Mission.

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Figurative Language Color By Code Freebie

This activity will keep kids engaged while working on the important task of identifying figurative language. This coloring by code activity is from Marion Piersol-Miller of Mentoring in the Middle.

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Ancient China Geography Reading and Comprehension

This resource is ready to print and teach today. I love how students learn about the Tibetan Plateau and Gobi Desert with a simple relief map. This ancient China resource is from Looking to the Past with Mary Jenkins.
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