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Homework or No Homework

A friend posted on FB about a new policy put out by Discovery Elementary in San Marcos. Discovery is implementing a No Homework Policy except for reading and skill practice. My friend was looking for the thoughts of other parents and teachers regarding homework. I thought this was a great topic and too big to answer in a FB comment. Here is Discovery Elementary's letter.

There is a trend and it's a good one! Less homework! Studies have shown that homework doesn't improve learning. (Reading does though!) I know...crazy but true.

I am actually planning on having students leave their science spirals in class most days. I like airing out the ones dripping with spilt red Gatorade but I'll get over it. I am not sure how we will store them but I will work on that. We have a block schedule so we only have science two days a week. Maybe we will leave the spirals in class one day and take them home one day. That doesn't mean I don't want my students to not do anything.

Here is what I expect:
  • Any unfinished classwork needs to be completed at home. 
  • Study notes/vocabulary- I will really work on teaching this this year. Students struggle with this.
  • Watch or re-watch video clips, re-read articles- I really encourage students to read articles/text 3 or more times.
  • Teach someone what you are learning
  • Check your grades 
What do you think of this trend?