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NGSS Crosscutting Concepts Project- Poster & Oral Presentation

These have been such a success! We are working to implement NGSS but needed a way to help our students dive in to these new concepts. With our middle school students, we created a project on the Crosscutting Concepts to be sure that everyone has been introduced and understands these over arching ideas. Students make posters relating to these concepts that we can refer to throughout the year. Students also give an oral presentation, some students have included a hands on activity and/or Prezi or Google Slide presentation as well.

The best projects are displayed on the wall as our reference. When I taught 8th grade, we covered all 7 concepts. For 6th grade, I chose to focus on structure & function, patterns, systems, and cause & effect.


I LOVE the cause & effect posters and couldn't choose just one so I put up three.