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Best Fake Blood Ever!

Using Steve Spangler's fake blood recipe suggestions, we experimented. In a blender, we whipped up a packet of Tropical Punch Kool Aid, 1 cup of light corn syrup, 2 tbsp. of corn starch, 2 tbsp. of red food coloring, and 1 tbsp. of cocoa powder and we had the best blood! 5th graders enjoyed this so... we decided to put some on wet paper towels and limp down to PE. Our PE teacher could spot a hoax a mile away, even with the fake crying. The kids were already in rare form because of the costume parade and parties so I chose to embrace the fun. We first watched 8 min. of Steve Spangler on Ellen from years ago to get us in the mood. He is amazing. It was a really fun day with the kiddos! We donated the fake blood to the middle school haunted house decor. Just doing our part for our school community!