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Don't Tell Anyone We Sometimes Stand on the Chairs

NGSS Standard: 3PS2-2

Make observations and/or measurements of an object’s motion to provide evidence that a pattern can be used to predict future motion.
This week, 3rd graders built Twirlycopters to collect data to see if a large or small twirlycopter will hit the ground first. These whirlygigs twirl as them head down to the ground. I see each class for 35 minutes. Last week, we glued in our data sheet and students got detailed directions on how to build and test twirlycopters. This week, we put the plan in to action.

This project was purchased on TPT from Sue Cahalane. Click here I created a data sheet for recording data and observations.
It was exciting to see the students collect good data! We will be writing up our observations next week. Here is the link to the data sheet. https://goo.gl/sYaZkU 
Students worked in pairs and one student colored, cut out, and created one twirlycopter. Together, they tested to see which copter hit the ground first.