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Material Magic: Review of 2nd Grade Mystery Science Mad Hatter Activity

2-PS1-2. Analyze data obtained from testing different materials to determine which materials have the properties that are best suited for an intended purpose.* [Clarification Statement: Examples of properties could include, strength, flexibility, hardness, texture, and absorbency.]

In the 2nd grade Mystery Science "Material Magic- Mad Hatter" activity, we tested different materials to see which was stiff, absorbent, and soft. Mystery Science walked us through how to test the materials and includes a lab sheet to keep track of our findings.
So creative!

The scenario: We are temporarily stranded on a lovely, warm island in our bathing suits but we need to make a hat to shade us from the sun. Our only materials are left over from our lunch. We have a paper towel, aluminum foil, a lunch bag, and paper plate. We also have string, pipe cleaners, large rubber bands, and clothespins.

The kids were so creative and LOVED making their hats. They understood that the brim needed to be stiff enough to not flop into their face and the material needed to absorb sweat and also cover their neck. This may be the student's favorite activity all year. It was so simple yet so fun. I usually have the students for 35 min. We did the first part of the mystery in one of our 35 min. sessions. I kept the students for an hour to make our hats. I didn't want them to rush. We had plenty of time to make our hats, discuss the materials and properties of the materials, and clean up.

I did this activity with 2 classes of 30 students. I had materials on trays. One tray for each group of 6 students. (6 paper towels, 6 paper plates, 6 pieces of aluminum foil, 6 lunch bags, 12 pieces of string, and 12 clothespins) I handed out file folder rubber bands to students who wanted them. I had the students guess why I didn't put them on the trays and what the proper use of the rubber band was. The kids were so engaged!

Nice sun shade for her ears!