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CS Discoveries from Code.org

I flew to Phoenix last week to be trained as a CS Discoveries teacher. This is a brand new computer science curriculum from Code.org for middle school students. Code.org's goal is to get computer science classes to every student. Code.org believes anyone can learn computer science. Even me! The organization is generously funded by Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and other generous donors committed to CS education. See donors here. 

Code.org flew middle school and high school teachers from western states to Phoenix, provided accommodations, food, and incidentals. It was amazing. We were well cared for as we were trained from Sun. to Fri. It was a long week but I am glad I attended and I'm grateful for their investment in me and my students.

Code.org is investing in teaching teachers. We are called "Lead Learners" as we learn CS with our students. I have been teaching introductory CS for a few years and am excited to have a curriculum. 

This is what teaching computer science has looked like:
This is what teaching computer science has felt like.
I am so excited Code.org has provided such a rich curriculum!