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Hazmat on Campus!

The Hazmat (Hazardous Materials) truck was on campus with it's lights on. Uh oh..what did the science teachers do now? Well... we just were having Leon from San Diego Hazmat come do demonstrations for our 8th grade students.

Leon has great stories. He is the one there when a house in Escondido was filled with bomb making materials and had to be blown up. A guy in Coronado stored mercury for years from a job he did with SDG&E and the garage caught fire...Leon is there.

This is a free assembly and it is awesome- complete with dry ice mixed with hot water for a huge cloud.

I like to start the year in my K-5 science lab with a fun demo. I have done Steve Spangler's Elephant Toothpaste, Steve Spangler's Color Changing Milk, and I'm always looking for some more great ideas. Leon had some demos I'd like to do. He had an energy ball and he says he purchases his materials from Educational Innovations. I purchased a couple on Amazon along with a new plasma ball. This is the my third plasma ball. I had one left over from childhood, one a student gave me from a trip to Dave and Buster's, and now my third little one from Amazon. I don't have reviews of these because I just got them but I added the links.

 Another demo I'd like to do with my a water pH tester. Leon put water in a plastic water bottle and added a pH indicator. He blew bubbles with a straw into the bottle and then added a few sprays of cleaner. The simple color changes wowed the students.