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7 Different Doodle Notes linked to NGSS

Here is a link to all of my Doodle Notes on TPT: Click HERE. It appears that I am not the only one who loves these because I am selling a lot of them.

Right now, I have seven doodle note items on TPT. I have been starting to add quizzes to my doodle notes too. It is a work in progress but I really love the visual organization of good doodle notes. I have purchased some notes and often find them too busy, so I have been creating my own. You want a lot of information on a page but you don't want it to be overwhelming.
NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) are still fairly new. They have been around for 4+ years but there hasn't been vetted curriculum. As I am using curriculum, I am creating doodle notes to specifically address individual standards.