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Wildwatch Kenya: Help Wanted

Giraffes and those trying to save them need our help! I didn't know giraffes were in danger until I read the Zoo News article called "Wildwatch Kenya: Help Wanted." This is SHOCKING... in the last 20 years, the numbers of reticulated giraffes has decline by over 70%. All giraffes have been reduced by 40% and are listed as "VULNERABLE" to extinction. I teach about conservation and I had no idea.

Yesterday, Addy and I attended an event at the Safari Park and San Diego Zoo Global's Beckman Center and met with giraffe researchers. They have launched a project and need help from citizen scientists (you, me, and everyone.) Kids too! Wildwatchkenya.org is their site where you sign up and catalog pictures. They have camera traps set up and need help viewing the massive amounts of pictures and cataloging the data for study. Guess what? They have a lot to learn about giraffe behavior and threats. These pictures will help them understand giraffes, what is in their habitat, what their behaviors are, who they hang out with, and more. It is easy, challenging (I think I see...) and fun! It is great to be apart of something that can change the world. As the saying goes...it takes a village. Please consider signing up and getting involved.