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Oh My Gosh! Hyperdocs Are My New Go To For Lesson Planning

I teach way too many different grades and classes. Seriously, it's nuts and I am going to try it for one more year and make some decisions. I keep thinking it will get better next year, but this one may be top the others. In order to stay organized, I am now using Hyperdocs and it is life changing. I love being organized. It is freeing.

Hyperdocs are Google docs with links in them. Start off by using a Google slide template and choose the pages you want to use. Click here for templates. The links can be links to a Google doc or a link to a website or video. I just planned my Code Studio class for the trimester as a Hyperdoc. My Code Studio class is based on the Code.org CS Discoveries curriculum. I teach a trimester long class and use Unit 3 to teach an introduction to JavaScript. Click Here for a link to the Hyperdoc. This Hyperdoc is in no way perfect but I feel great about having it roughly planned out. Hyperdocs rock!