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Quizizz- Free and Engaging Review Quizzes with Goofy Memes

I love Kahoots, but the internet at school has been spotty and kids are always getting kicked off our Kahoot games. It's frustrating. It's a big bummer! Then I learned about Quizizz. Like Kahoot, it's free and engaging. I love Quizizz because students can take the quiz over and over. It is such a great review. There is an option to have funny/ cheesy memes after each question. What preteen or teenager doesn't love a cheesy meme?

I give students at least a few days to complete and retake the Quizizz and I put the highest score they earned in the grade book as a ten point assignment grade. Here is how the grade is calculated...

10 points = any score 90+
8 points   = 80-89
7 points   = 70-79
6 points   = 60-69
and so forth