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Screencastify- A Newbie's Tips

Oh my! Now, I'm an online teacher doing distance learning like so many others. One thing I am enjoying about this is that I am learning so many things that have been on my "To Do" list. Today, I created some videos for my Earth's Spheres TPT resource. I made a video introduction (preview) and a student how to video. (Two videos in a day!!!...Probably not a big deal to others, but I feel like Wonder Woman.)

Screencastify is easy to use. I was so nervous and I had to do several takes but I did it. This is not a how to list but a few tips to help things go more smoothly. 

Tips from a newbie:

1. I made a note card of how I wanted to start and what I wanted to cover. It was a little outline. Begin with a friendly welcome and explain your purpose. (I had to redo my videos becasue I didn't do this, silly me.)

2. I had the tabs open for the windows I wanted to share to help things go more smoothly.

3. Since this video is for my own business, I started with the free version which only give five minutes of recording time. (This is probably plenty of time because people probably prefer to watch a video that is 5 min. long or less.) I set the stop watch on my phone so I could see how much time I had left. I made sure that at four minutes, I was starting to wrap things up.

I have uploaded the videos to Youtube. I'm a newbie, so no judging. This is a big step for me and I feel really, really accomplished. Give it a try. It isn't so bad.

Other  things I want to learn are...
  • How to make clipart
  • How to make video pins for Pintest