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Sending Tyler Home

Note: I wrote this a few weeks ago before Tyler arrived home.

Amid the Covid-2019 pandemic and the Philippine government order for foreigners to leave, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is chartering five planes to get 1200+ missionaries home from the Philippines.  I am nervously excitied. Tyler is not home yet. Travel has been delayed and lawyers have been working to get missionaries from some islands to other islands to catch flights. Tyler video chatted with me today and he is doing great. (He is sooo adorable too!) I'll tell you more about the chat later.

It is with incredilbe gratitude that I think back on these last several month. There are so many miracles that I have quietly taken in but it is time to share our experiences if only so I don't forget how Heavenly Father was watched over us every step of the way.

I have a lot of thoughts about Tyler's experience. He has grown so much and I look forward to hearing about everything. Tyler left on Aug. 1, 2018. 

Before learving, Tyler was set apart as a missionary by President McMaster. In his office, he had a big picture of Christ. I loved it. Shawn and I purchased a copy and I named it Big Jesus. I accidentally purchased a small version first and I called it Little Jesus. Little Jesus was taken to church and got out each time I taught the 16-18 year old Young Women class. This artwork has provided peace and a reminder that Jesus is aware of us.

By Scott Sumner: Light of the World

Tyler learned the language quickly and adjusted to the culture changes. The largest storm on Earth hit Luzon in 2018 just after Tyler landed in Manila. More storms figuratively and otherwise would come. 

We didn't think much of it when in Feb. 2019, the Church announced that we were able to video chat weekly with our missionaries. Previously, we emailed each week but didn't see each other. We had been doing great with the weekly emails and we felt Tyler was doing well with this system. But, in Feb., we started weekly video chats. The technology was a bit tough. Tyler had to go to a video cafe. It never went smoothly and there were technological challenges but we figured it out each week. This change has been an enormous blessing. Tyler was able to chat with his dad and each of us each week. Tyler used Google Earth to show us where he lived, shopped, and served. It was like we were there a bit. Seeing Tyler and talking with him made it easier when he came home for 10 days in May. 

Our family has been enoumously tested and challenged throughout these 21 months. We never thought Shawn wouldn't be here when Tyler arrived home. It was never even a consideration. But here we are, preparing to get Tyler. I can honestly say that inspite of incredible challenges, we have been blessed with miracles. This morning, I felt that Shawn was busy in the Philippines. So much to do. Can't you pictures those on the other side helping? I can't imagine the logistics of moving 1200+ missionaries from several islands. Tyler himself has been on 5 islands that I know of. Tyler will then be self quarantined (wish me luck with trying to corral a 20 year old with a lot of energy.) I have felt incredibly anxious with the rapid changes these last few days and I hope my heart will be calmed having all three kids home. Thank you for your love and support. I am grateful!