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Gravity for 5th Grade | Digital & Print |


gravity 5th grade distance learning digital print

What is gravity and how does it work on Earth? Does the Sun, Earth, moon, or a human have a greater pull of gravity? These topics are covered in concise and visual notes. Students explain gravity on Earth as it relates to concrete examples like rain falling from clouds. 

Gravity Notes Page 1

This resource includes two pages of sketch notes in both print form and digital for Google Classroom. It comes in black and white and color versions. A ten question quiz is included in two versions- both print and a self grading Google form.

Vocabulary includes gravity, matter, mass, force, and evidence. Students provide evidence that gravity is a pull directed to the center of an object. Larger objects have a great pull.

This resource aligns with NGSS 5PS2-1. It is simple to use and visually clear. Visual notes are great for all students. Learn more HERE.

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