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My goal is to make interactive science notebooks engaging for 5th grade and middle school science students while improving science test scores. NGSS expert, teacher, tpt author, mom, & widow

How are you feeling?

 As we get ready to start the 2020 school year, how are you feeling if you are a parent? How are you feeling if you are a teacher?

Or is it more like...

Me too. My K-6 science program has been cut and it was hard to let it go. But, you know how things turn out well even though you can't see it at the time? It is another reminder to trust God and believe there is a bigger plan. I am so grateful to be getting ready to be a 5th grade teacher. I have great teachers I work with and I am learning so much.

When students get to come back to school, it will be...

For now, I am getting bins ready for students and making Screencastify videos. Distance learning starts next week. Today was my first official day back but I have been doing optional training. I am also getting the boys ready to head to college. One leaves on Monday and the other leaves in three weeks. My heart hurts but I am excited for them. My heart hurting isn't an accurate description. It is so painful that I feel like I will throw up. Ew, sorry about that. I expected my son's to head to college but not without my husband being here with us. I miss my biggest support. I know he's here but I would like him here here. Want to see the bins and my beautiful science wall in my classroom?

One of my awesome teaching partners, picked up bins from Ikea for us. The librarian got my books laid out and checked out to the kids. It is truly a team effort and I'm so grateful for my team.

It has been a hard week. It is hard when things are so different and weird. But, I have had so much support and help with the learning curve, I think I can do this. And to top it off, I have cute new sparkly Vans so things will probably be okay!

Ok, we've got this. We can do this. Hugs to teachers and parents getting ready for back to school 2020.