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Fun and Easy Digital and Print Science Resources for 5th Grade


Are you looking for fun 5th grade NGSS activities? These resources are available in print and digital formats and are ready to go. Here is a bit more of each of these new resources.

1. Cycling of Matter and Flow of Energy

The Cycling of Matter and Flow of Energy resources comes as a FREE resource and paid version. Get two of the printable sketch notes pages for free. The full resource comes with five pages of notes in digital and print formats, a quiz, a slideshow, and Kahoot. This covers NGSS 5PS3-1. After learning about producers, consumers, and decomposers, students choose an animal and follow it to see where it gets its energy from. 
Google Classroom digital page about consumers, producers, and decomposers with word banks.

Students practice following a food chain back to the sun.

Students choose an animal and learn about what it eats.

2. Needs of Plants

This resource includes a lab where students grow beans and learn that for photosynthesis to occur, plants need carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight. This simple lab is easy and super successful. Visit my TPT store to learn more.

Beans are soaked in water overnight and then rinsed daily. The cheesecloth lets students rinse the beans without losing beans down the drain. This activity provides edible sprouts. 

3. Sources of Water

These digital and print notes show how most of the water on Earth is saltwater. Students demonstrate the water on earth using food coloring, water, and oil.

Vegetable oil and baby oil both work for this model. I prefer baby oil because of the clear color and smell. The oil represents fresh water on Earth. This is such a memorable model to create. Visit my TPT store to learn more.

Digital and print resources offer options for teachers and students. Here students compare saltwater and freshwater on Earth.

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