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Basic Needs of Plants Digital and Print Notes


Are you looking for a fun activity to teach the basic needs of plants?  Students loved this fun and simple lab where we sprouted beans. This activity teaches students about photosynthesis and that plants need carbon dioxide, water, and light to grow. This is a great activity to teach NGSS 5LS1-1. Mung beans and lentils are the easiest and fastest to sprout.

The materials needed are:

  • clear plastic cups
  • large rubber bands
  • cheesecloth
  • organic mung beans 

You start by putting one tablespoon of mung beans in a cup and adding water. You soak them overnight. The slide above is one the the slides that guides students as they fill out notes and complete the lab.

Four pages of printable sketch notes are included in addition to two review pages. 

This resource also includes a slideshow and interactive digital notes for Google Classroom.

One student loved this so much she kept her bean sprouts until they were getting gross. You can see the sprouts pushing out the top of the cup.

This is too long to keep them growing, but it is entertaining. After just over a week, the sprouts can be go home with the students and be kept in the fridge. They area  healthy addition to a salad, sandwich, omlet, or other dish. This is also a great activity to start at school and have students finish at home so the beans can be rinsed over the weekend. Have students show their results and explain the activity on SeeSaw. You can also have the kids keep the beans at school and just skip rinsing them over the weekend. Not ideal but it can work. Have fun! To preview or purchase the product click here.

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