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5 Things I've Learned as a Young Widow

 I've come to terms with the word widow. I am one. I became one at the age of 45, twenty-two months ago. There are vibrant widows with full and busy lives. I'm one of those. I've grown stronger this last year. 

I do need some extra understanding and support. Fortunately, my life is full of wonderful people. My carpool buddy from the kids' elementary years is a widow also so we have eachother to lean on. Here are some things I've learned...

1. Find your people. Reach out to those you want to build relationships with and give it a try. All won't work out but if you don't make an effort, you can't make new friends. I was best friends with my husband and now I need to build new relationships. I need them and I'm grateful for people willing to be my friends.

2.  It's okay to need help. I try to problem solve myself but sometimes I need some help. Some people don't come through and some do. Hold on to the ones you can count on. Those ones are pretty special.

3. Breathe. Take a deep breath and then let it and whatever is bugging you go. Still working on this but I'm making progress.

4. Be grateful. Things might stink but find gratitude. If you look hard you can find it. It takes practice but is powerful. Also, being kind to others is power too. When I reach out in love and help someone, I feel better. Gratitude and serving others help me get out of my pity parties. 

5. Heaven is close. What a comfort! I see small miracles and loud whispers from heaven regularly. Knowing God is in charge and loves each of us really keeps me going.

I'm cheering you on!