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Photosynthesis Sketch Notes & Mung Bean Sprouts

 The learning must go on even as we are quaratined. I sent the students home with their mung bean experiment and sketch notes for us to complete. We had put a tablespoon of mung beans in a cup and put a cheese cloth cover on the cup help with a rubberband. The beans were soaked over night and then rinsed twice a day. Observations were recorded and the beans sprouted! This activity was to cover NGSS 5LS1-1.


In the middle of our activity, we were quarantined. In each student's bin, I put their books and their cup of mung beans. It was fun to see each other's sprouts on Zoom and record our observations. We even tasted our beans on Zoom. Some yums and some yucks. One student went to wash out her mouth. I like them and they are healthy. Many students said they tasted like snap peas or snow peas. Put them on a sandwich or in a salad. Delish!

Our mung beans transitioned to home easily. 

Here is what my beans looked like on today, Day 8.

We also did a quick write about what we learned about photosynthesis. This activity is great because it shows how photosynthesis can occur without soil Carbon dioxide, water, and light are what plants need to make glucose and oxygen. Plants need nutrients which they can get from soil, nutrient rich water, or the seed as they get started.

This lab was a wild success and a lab that can be eaten as well as a life skill in growing ones own sprouts. This resource is now available in digital and print! Click here! Learn more about my TPT store here.

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