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Great Stuff Going On... All at Once!

We have drywall and insulation on site!

To do list through June 15: Great stuff going on. It is all happening at once!

Good thing I have some serious help with this. Thank you Team Shawn! (Everyone is Team Shawn- anyone who helps make things happen is on Team Shawn! It takes a lot of people.)

There is a LOT going on but it is great stuff.  This isn't everything going on, just the highlights.

In the next few weeks: Get the kids moved in to their rooms. Fire was Aug. 29 and we have been out of half of the house all school year. Still no floor, dry wall, insulation, or ceiling. Still no heat, air, or laundry. One window still doesn't have glass. Currently the three kids are camping out in the living room and office. Hoping to move the kids in June 4.

June 1: Would be our 25th wedding anniversary- ow... It is the anniversary of our family and I will celebrate every year. I am going on an Anniversary Trip this summer! I even have my plane tickets!

June 1: Coles goes through the San Diego Temple- Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Family in town.

June 7-10: Last week with 5th graders- end of year check out and activities

June 10: Last day of SPU and Addy's high school graduation. Family in town.

June 13: Cole's talk in church and Tyler's gives his homecoming talk. Family in town.

June 16: Cole enters the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Missionary Training Center- located at home for 3 weeks

Boys room and Addy's room still aren't closed in

Addy's room

Ceiling is still open

Addy's High School Graduation:

High School Graduation announcement for Addy- ordered

Plan what to do for dinner etc. for June 10 high school graduation


Buy washer and dryer

Contractor says 2 more weeks and kids can be moved into rooms

Get beds put together

Purchase rug


Closet systems purchased

Work on list of garage contents for insurance


Cole mission shirts, pants, belt, and other clothes

Mission announcements for Cole- waiting for haircut to take picture


2.5 weeks of school left for my 5th graders

Memory books

Class party- have help all set

Summer birthdays


Patriarchal blessings May 23

Teach Young Women May 23