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5 Great Videos & Sketch Notes for Teaching Human Impact on the Environment

As a creature of habit, I trek left to the kangaroos and wallabies when I enter the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park. Next, I head up the hill to the platypus then along the path dotted with spiny succulents to the prehistoric-looking condors, then back down the wooden walkway to the burrowing owls, toucans, and eagles. Then, I visit my favorite epiphyllum named "Judy Johnson" (each plant has a unique name) before heading to the tigers. I love conservation education and have sketch notes and videos to teach human impact, climate change, the greenhouse effect, and more.

Need Help? Teach Climate Change Effectively with This Balanced Approach

Are you looking for clear resources and great videos for teaching human impact on the environment? These are geared toward 5-8th grade science students. These videos along with the no-prep sketch notes help science students explain the effects of specific human activities on the environment.

Link to Sketch Notes Resource 
Link to Sketch Notes and Review Game Bundle

  • This balanced approach includes both positive and negative impacts humans have on the environment
  • 4 pages of sketch notes cover the greenhouse effect, global warming, and climate change
  • Relevant data to teach climate change is included
  • Sketch notes are great for interactive science notebooks and are visually engaging, have graphics, and are a concise way to cover middle school science topics. These notes provide a framework for students.
  • A slideshow guides students as they fill out their notes and learn about human activities and climate change
  • Claim Evidence Reasoning or CER questions on human impact and sample answers are included. Science writing encourages critical thinking and is great for practice and assessment.
  • Digital and printable options for a quiz are included
  • The bundle also includes a scavenger hunt review game

5 Great Videos for Teaching Human Impact and Climate Change

1. A Breathing Planet, Off Balance– Nasa scientists study the movement of carbon on Earth

Click Here  for the video on YouTube
Click Here for the video on Nasa.gov

 2. What is the Greenhouse Effect?

3. Climate Change Crash Course Kids 41.2  

  Click Here 

4. Climate Change 101 With Bill Nye | National Geographic


5. Causes and Effects of Climate Change


Make Things Simple with Effective Sketch Notes and Writing Activities

  • No prep sketch notes with loads of information are visual graphic organizers that let students focus on learning. See the preview HERE.
  • Graphics enhance clarity. 
  • A slideshow guides students as they fill out the notes and students can refer to them when studying. 
  • Absent students have access to the material also.
Writing activities provide critical thinking and sample answers and a rubric is included.

Share your love of plants and animals on Earth with your students and help them connect with nature as you teach about how humans can make a positive impact on the environment. Want to meet an epiphyllum like "Judy Johnson" who I visit at the Safari Park? 

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