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6 Must Try Easy Science Experiments for Halloween in the Classroom

Is the mad scientist in you looking for some fun and easy science experiments for Halloween? These Halloween science experiments for the classroom are also great for Halloween party science stations with some adult supervision. They meet 5th grade NGSS standards covering chemical reactions too! Do one demonstration or experiment a week, discuss the science, and have students draw a diagram and write about what they learned. See my blog post on CER writing HERE.

1. Spooky Lava Lamps

I love this lava lamp lab because you really can't screw it up. It is a favorite with kids and is great to show that water is more dense than vegetable oil. This hits the 5th grade NGSS for chemical reactions. Talk and have students write about the bubbles formed and the chemical reaction that takes place.

2. Boo Bubbles

I made my Boo Bubble contraption out of a plastic Costco pretzel container. On my way to work, I stop by the grocery store for dry ice. Be sure to find out ahead of time which stores have dry ice for sale. I have found Ralphs and Albertsons in my area have dry ice. I have tried buying dry ice the night before but it turns from a solid to a gas too quickly. I take an insulated grocery bag into the grocery store with me and zip it up. 

In the classroom, be sure to have a glove for handling the dry ice and a little hammer to break off pieces.

3. Fake Blood

I sent my students out to the PE teacher a bit bloody one year. We thought we were hilarious. Get a blender from a thrift store to keep in your classroom for this concoction. 

4. Gummy Bear and other Great Food Experiments

These are all great experiments! Get some extra candy to eat too!

5. Smoking Bubbles

6. Dry Ice Crystal Bubble

This truly makes your classroom look like a mad scientists lab. You can't go wrong with these experiments!

Cover standards and have fun by having students write about these activities in their interactive science journals. See CER writing in my TPT store HERE! Happy October!

If you are looking for more fun Halloween activities, check out my friend, Lynda Williams blog. Click Here She has so many fun and educational science activities.

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