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My goal is to make interactive science notebooks engaging for 5th grade and middle school science students while improving science test scores. NGSS expert, teacher, tpt author, mom, & widow

Great Ideas for Your 5th Grade Interactive Science Notebook & More!

Science needs to be engaging, hands on, and visual. The concepts are often challenging and to meet the needs to all learners, visual interactive notebook elements are a win for everyone! My students took the CAST also known as the California Science Test and scored 17.5 points above the state average! That was during a pandemic. My class average was in the "Standards Met" category!!!! Learn more about my test prep strategies HERE.

My 5th grade resources are a big part of my test prep strategy. I work to create clear visual notes and don't overwhelm students. This bundle includes sketch notes, interactive digital models, and review games.

This 5th grade bundle includes:

Sketch Notes

Photosynthesis & Basic Needs of Plants 5 LS1-1 (notes, activity, CER, quiz, slideshow)

Earth's Spheres and Human Impact 5 ESS2-1 (notes and quiz)

Sources of Water 5 ESS2-2 (digital and print notes, slideshow, activity, quiz)

Gravity 5 PS2-1 (digital and print notes, slideshow, quiz)

Flow of Energy | Organisms get energy from the sun (notes, quiz, slideshow) 5 PS3-1

Crosscutting Concepts (notes, slideshow, quiz)

Digital Models

Earth's Spheres 5 ESS2-1

Matter is Made of Particles 5 PS1-1

Food Chain 5 LS1-2

Other Activities

Chemical Reactions Activity 5 PS1-3, 5 PS1-4

Engineering and Design Worksheet

Endangered Animal Infographic

Scavenger Hunt Review Games

Earth and Human Impact

Crosscutting Concepts


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