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5 Reasons Sketch Notes Help Students Succeed - A Fabulous 6th Grade Science Bundle

Are you looking for some engaging interactive science notebook sketch notes for grade 6 NGSS? Students like knowing what to expect and this bundle could be a perfect fit for you and your students. I have found that my students love sketch notes and they are perfect for interactive science notebooks.

Why are sketch notes great for interactive science notebooks?

1. Sketch notes provide information in a clear and concise format. Students don't have to read 10 pages and answer the questions at the end of their reading. They don't have to wonder what the important information is to write their notes about. Sketch notes are an efficient use of time and space.

2. Science sketch notes are visual and the graphics explain the concepts and vocabulary. A picture or graphic helps the students make a connection and remember the material. I like to keep some white space in the sketch notes so students don't have sensory overload. 

3. Science sketch notes are great for all levels from struggling students to high achievers. These notes level the playing field so all students have access to the science content. 

4. Students can easily refer to sketch notes to review games or test review. Most of these sketch notes come with self-grading digital and print quizzes. I also have many scavenger hunt review games in my store. Students use the sketch notes in their interactive notebooks while doing the scavenger hunt game.

5. Sketch notes are an efficient use of time and help with state test scores. We have so much to cover and limited time. Sketch notes use the time efficiently. Many of the sketch notes come with slide shows students can use to fill in their sketch notes. I show the slideshow whole class and then put it in Google Classroom for student who would like to review or who are absent. My test scores have consistently been very high and this is one of the tools that helps my students be successful.

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