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My goal is to make interactive science notebooks engaging for 5th grade and middle school science students while improving science test scores. NGSS expert, teacher, tpt author, mom, & widow

5th Grade Science Interactive Notebook Set Up

Interactive science notebooks can be awesome and they can be a pain. How do you make science notebooks awesome? Notebooks with pages sticking out, misnumbered, and students pulling out paper for other subjects have been issues. Or... sometimes we put pages in and don't refer to them again. I have this challenge covered and have tips and ideas for interactive science notebook success! 

I carefully thought through what students needed to be successful with their interactive science notebooks. 

1. Clear expectations (editable notebook expectations are part of this resource!)

2. CER and crosscutting concepts clearly and simply explained (included too!)

3. Unit cover pages with "I can" statements and vocabulary (editable too!)

This is going to be a game changer this year. Please take a look at my video explaining this product. It is a must have for 5th grade NGSS science!

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