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Great Apes Conservation Project

We started off the year reading The One and Only Ivan and continued conservation lessons with the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park about great apes. Our final project was a trifold science poster project sharing what students learned throughout the year. This was my first year doing this project and I am really happy with the work the students did.

The sections of the trifold were:
  • A title
  • A poster about one of the great apes (orangutans, bonobos, gorillas, or chimpanzees) that includes information about their diet, location they live, threats, and population status
  • An idea for enrichment for great apes in zoos
  • An idea for a citizen science project helping great apes
  • An ethogram and graph of behaviors seen in a video or direct viewing of gorillas
  • A one page written page of what they learned with the program

Links for Student Research

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