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My goal is to make interactive science notebooks engaging for 5th grade and middle school science students while improving science test scores. NGSS expert, teacher, tpt author, mom, & widow

What If Everything Students Need to Start a Great Science Unit Was on 1 Page?

When students are asked to create a title page in their interactive science notebooks before a unit is taught, you expect a range of responses. 

Molly pulls out her boxed set of thirty vibrant markers and excitedly researches all forms of matter and the make-up of atoms.  She uses colorful artistry and scientific details to create a masterpiece. 

Candice is hunched over her desk, not knowing where to start because she isn't sure what I mean by "matter" or where the unit is going. I give examples so she scribbles the unit title and makes some strategically placed pencil smudges but her page is missing accurate pictures. 

To set all students up to succeed, I've created a third option that works for Molly, Candice, and everyone in between. A ready-made solution to maximize your time and give every student the tools they need to launch each unit well.  

I love to be efficient and set every student up to succeed so these print and go unit title pages work as an anchor throughout the unit. Standards are listed and important vocabulary is defined right on the title page. Students thumb through their science notebooks to eagerly refer back to the vocabulary as we work through labs and activities. 

Are you ready to see what else is included in these No Prep interactive science notebook unit sets? Click HERE to go to Teachers Pay Teachers and view the preview. Interactive science notebook sets are available for grades 4, 5, and 6. 

The 4th and 5th grade unit covers are one sided and the 6th grade unit covers are two-sided. These pages work for both composition sized journals and full size interactive notebooks or they can be hole punched and put in a 3 ring binder.

Each EDITABLE science unit cover includes:

  • Unit title
  • Artwork/ Graphics
  • NGSS Standards
  • Vocabulary words and their definitions

If your unit has a different name or you want to change some vocabulary, no problem! These science unit covers are EDITABLE and provided as Google Slides. Let's look at a page together.

Here are the units for each grade level:

4th Grade NGSS Units Include: (Click HERE to see the resource on TPT)

  • Plants and Animals: Structures and Function 
  • How Eyes Work to Help Us See 
  • Earth: Volcanoes and Earthquakes 
  • Earth: Rocks and Erosion 
  • Waves 
  • Energy Transfer 
  • Renewable Energy 

5th Grade NGSS Units Include: (Click HERE to see the resource on TPT)

  • Ecosystems & Food Chains
  • Matter
  • Physical and Chemical Changes
  • Water Sources on Earth and Conservation
  • Photosynthesis
  • Stars and the Solar System

6th Grade NGSS Units Include: (Click HERE to see the resource on TPT)
  • Cells
  • Body Systems and Sensory Receptors
  • Weather and Climate
  • Genetics
  • Thermal Energy Transfer
  • Human Impact and Climate Change

***Editable Files are in Google Slides***

The "I Can" statements and vocabulary are all editable! We each teach to so many learning styles that these visual unit covers just make goals more clear. If you want to change something a bit, no problem.

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