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This 5-Minute Skittles Lab Gets Students Excited about Science (Free CER Page!)

This is on of my favorite science experiments to do with my students! Why do I love it? There is no huge prep or mess and you can get your students writing a CER (Claim - Evidence - Reasoning) while learning about how sugar dissolves in water. 

Students love the immediate satisfaction and beautiful designs the Skittles make. This fabulous Skittles science experiment is great for any time of the year. It is a fast, simple, hands-on activity that get students excited about science and learning. When you use the CER  writing activity, you take this activity to a whole new level! Scroll down and you can get the CER graphic organizer and my weekly tips for FREE.

Materials: A small cup of Skittles, a paper plate, and some water is all you need for instant success. Make a copy of the CER science writing page for each student.

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The CER question is: What happens to Skittles when water is added? This fun science experiment for kids can be done in the elementary or middle school science classroom or at home. 

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5 Minute Skittles Science Experiment Step By Step

1. Pass out the Skittles CER page and read it together

2. Pass out a small cup of Skittles to each student and a paper plate

3. Have students arrange the Skittles in a pattern or design. A peace sign, happy face, or a circles of Skittles are all great options.

4. Pass out containers of room temperature or warmer water (measuring cup, small graduated cylinder, or a small cup or container all work)

5. Have students pour the water over the Skittles and observe.

6. Complete the Skittles CER page and clean up! You will wow them in 5 minutes!

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