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10 Favorite Science Gifts for Kids Ages 8-10 years old

Looking for a great science gift for kids ages 8-10 years old? These are great science Easter basket additions, birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, or Christmas surprises. If you are putting together a science themed basket for an event, these items are great for that too.

Science-themed gifts can be an excellent way to spark curiosity in kids. I have used these items over and over with hundreds of students.

Science is all about asking questions and seeking answers, and giving kids the tools to explore and experiment can be just what your future scientist needs to get started. Sometimes science is like magic and these favorite science toys bring the magic to life.

My list has been years in the making as a mom and K-8 science teacher.

10 kid-tested and teacher-approved science gifts that bring the "Wow" factor

10 Favorite Science Gifts for Kids Ages 8-10 Years Old

Disclosure: The links are affiliate links but the items have been chosen because I personally love them. There is no additional charge. 

1. Mentos and Diet Coke Geyser Tube

This science toy never gets old and makes for a great Easter basket or stocking stuffer gift for 8-10 year olds or their 25 year old uncle. Don't forget to gift the Diet Coke and mint Mentos too! I especially love the version with different options for the top. It is more expensive but so much fun!

Class Science Reward Idea: This science toy works great as a class reward. It is a fun, outdoor activity with a party-like feel. The Mentos are stacked in the tube and when the pin is pulled, the Mentos drop into the diet soda all at once creating carbon dioxide gas that shoots through the tube opening high into the air. Be sure to run for cover or get wet.

Click HERE to see this science toy on Amazon.

mentos and diet coke geyser kit from Amazon

2.  Energy Ball 

With this science gift, kids experience the principles of electricity and conductivity. There are metal strips on each side of the ball and when you touch both of the metal strips, the ball lights up and makes a noise. 

Classroom Brain Break: I love to have one student touch the metal strip on the ball and have students form a circle touching each other on the arm. The student on the opposite side of the circle touches the other metal strip on the ball. The electricity travels through all of the kids (because we have so much water in us) and it seems like magic but it is the magic of electricity. Stick this small science gift for silly fun over and over.

 Click HERE to see this science toy on Amazon.

This video shows a quick demo of how to use an energy ball science toy in class with several students.

3. Film Containers and Color Fizzing Tablets

You can't do this science experiment just once. It is so fun and simple. Use clear white film canisters and the color fizzing tablets or Alka Seltzer tablets (store brand tablets work great too.) This segment of Steve Spangler on Ellen is so fun to watch too. 

Class Science Reward: Watch the Ellen Show segment and then do the activity. Filling the container 1/4 of the way with water makes a bigger pop than filling it 3/4 of the way with water. Kids always thing more water will make the pop go higher. 

Designate a launch pad area. This can be a concrete square or chalk drawn shape on the concrete. After the 3, 2, 1 countdown, kids put their container in the launch area and return to safety. Then... pop, pop, pop and the containers sail up into the air.

Click here to see the Film Canisters on Amazon.

Click here to see the Color Fizzing Tablets on Amazon

4. Tornado Tubes

With a little swoosh of the two 2 liter bottles attached with a simple tube and you've got a tornado. This activity is great to show how air has mass and takes up space too. These tornado tubes are much better than leaky tape trying to hold it all together. You won't be sorry you spent the money because it works 100% of the time.

Classroom Science Center: Add a tornado book along with the 2 liter bottles and tornado tube. Students can draw and label a model of what they saw.

Click here to see tornado tube science toys on Amazon.

5. Magnet Kit

I purchased the Lakeshore Learning Magnet Kits and I love them but they are pretty expensive. This is a great alternative and affordable. Amazon ranks it as their #1 science magnet kit.

Click here to see the magnetic science toy on Amazon.

6. Boo Bubbles

This probably isn't a good gift since your scientist needs dry ice but it is one of my favorite classroom demos and fall science activities so I added it to the list. Parents would think you are crazy Aunt June if you gave your niece or nephew this so... get it if you are a teacher or having a Halloween party.

You can make your own Boo Bubble maker to buy it on Amazon. Mine is made from a big, clear pretzel container and works great. I love this science toy for Halloween. I have kids wear dollar-store gloves so the oils on their hands don't pop the bubbles as quickly. This science toy shows how air has mass and takes up space and is not "nothing."
Adult supervision and dry ice needed.

Boo Bubbles from Steve Spangler

7. Makey Makey Invention Kits and Tin Foil Sheets

Makey Makeys are amazing invention kits that don't require software. This boredom buster is simple and easy to use and kids have so much fun while learning about electric circuits and conductivity. 

A few years back, my class won a science and engineering award at the San Diego Science and Engineering Festival. Click here to see how kids made poster-size art pieces talk.

I included the tin foil sheets because cutting pieces of tin foil for a class of students is not on my list of fun things to do. I love precut pop up tin foil sheets.  I know tin foil isn't present like but I wanted to be sure to add it here in case you are using the Makey Makeys with a big group because it just makes it so much easier.

Halloween Demo:  Have fun with this science demo at Halloween. I dress like a witch and put spells on the kids. I just can't help it.

8. Snap Circuit Electricity Kits

These kits allow kids to build simple electronic circuits and learn about how electricity works by exploring hands-on activities. Learning about circuits comes naturally to some and not to others. The book of ideas makes it so all kids are successful. The tiny lightbulbs are my favorite! There are many snap circuit options so pick the set that works for you.

Fun Friday or Science Exploration Center: I like to teach and demo snap circuits so everyone gets an introduction. You will have your circuit lovers that become experts and can help other students. It's a team effort of trial and error and a great exercise in persistence.

Click here to see on Amazon

9. UV Beads

Indoors these beads are clear but take them outside and they change color when exposed to UV light. String them on a chenille pipe cleaner stick for a science bracelet that brings the wow factor. We can't see the UV rays of the sun but we know they are there once we see this incredible change. Be sure to include chenille sticks with this science gift.

Holiday Activity:  Our Sun is amazing and this take home science gift wows kids with the color changing properties.

10. Digital Microscope

These just blow my mind because they are so accessible and easy to use. Kids love to look at rocks, their skin, fruit, their clothes, and coins to see details our eyes miss without magnification. These science gifts are really reasonably priced and the wow factor is high!

Fun Friday or Science Exploration Center: I like to teach and demo how to use these microscopes and get them out regularly. Collect items outside and take a closer look once kids are worn out at looking at strands of hair, bumpy skin, and their clothes. This is science in action!

***Adult supervision is needed for these activities. Many of these activities form carbon dioxide gas which needs to escape. Watch the videos and use caution.

Needs Easter Basket Ideas? 10 Favorite Science Gifts for Kids Ages 8-10 Years Old

What are some of your favorite science gifts for 8-10 year olds?