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Ready for a New Way to Review the Brightness of the Sun and Stars?

Brightness of the sun and other stars review game with large and small cards


Ready for A Great Review Game About the Brightness of the Sun and Stars?

A 20 question science review game about the brightness of the Sun and stars can be played two different ways. Students review the order of the planets in our solar system, the habitable or Goldilocks Zone, what is a star, and exoplanets. This scavenger hunt game reviews the 5th grade science standard NGSS 5-ESS1-1.

Two Ways to Play this Science Review Game

Large cards: Post the pages around the room taped onto cabinets or pinned to the wall.
Small cards: Cut apart the four cards on a page and place them on desks or tables in the classroom.
2 ways to play this science scavenger hunt review game

How to play this Sun and other stars science review game with the large cards:

1. Print the pages single-sided. The pages last better if you laminate them. Post the pages around the room on walls, doors, and cupboards where students can see many at once.

2. Have students pair up and get a lined piece of paper. Students can start at ANY page. Students write down the number of the card they start at. They read the bottom of the page and look around the room for the answer on the top part of another page. When they find the answer, they put the number of the page on their lined paper below their starting place. Each page number is placed in a line below.

3. Students can come to check with you at any point to see if their answers so far are correct. Review their answers from the top and put a star by each of the correct numbers. If students have a number that is incorrect, stop checking the page and have them restart at that point. Some students need a lot of encouragement that they are on the right track. Students will end at the card they started at.

4. We sometimes play this over a couple of class periods and I keep their papers for them between classes so they don’t get lost and answers aren’t shared. This is a great review because they must get the answer correct in order to complete the game.

Brightness of the Sun and Stars scavenger hunt review game

Standards Review Include

This science review game is for 5th grade NGSS 5-ESS1-1. Support an argument that differences in the apparent brightness of the sun compared to other stars is due to their relative distances from the Earth.

Try This Game in Your Class Today!

Need the sketch notes to teach about the brightness of the Sun and other stars? I have my students refer to their interactive science notebooks while playing this review game. 

You can purchase the sketch notes or save 10% by purchasing the sketch notes and scavenger hunt review game together.
Brightness of the Sun and Stars scavenger hunt review game and sketch notes
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Thank you! I hope you enjoy using this resource in your classroom.

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