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Help Disorganized Students! 5 Reasons to Switch Up You Interactive Science Notebooks

This year our interactive science notebooks were a MESS! It was a hard year and I was out for medical issues and so the routine got away from us. It happens even with the best intentions. In doing some research, I found a fabulous post with some out-of-the-box thinking for interactive science notebooks. 

Carrie, from Beakers and Ink, suggests... a 3 prong folder where students add papers when instructed to "lock it in." Here are 5 reasons to switch your interactive science notebooks to this fabulous option ...

1. Inexpensive - 3 prong folders are super cheap, especially during back to school season! Here is a link to Amazon. (FYI: this is an affiliate link)

2. Students can add pages- This is an issue with spiral notebooks. Once they are misnumbered or a page is pulled out you have a bit of a mess.

3. Sturdy - 3 prong plastic folders are sturdy and will hold up better than cardboard-covered spirals. Use a Sharpie or printed labels to add names.

4. No glue! You won't need to trim pages to fit and you won't need to have students glue in pages. Just 3 hold punch and then have students "lock it in."

5. Grading - Students can turn in labs or other work to be graded and then add them to their 3 prong interactive science notebook. 

Use 3 prong folders for organizing interactive science notebooks

Be sure to check out Carrie's post on her blog Beakers and Ink for all of her great idea for helping disorganized students be successful!

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