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What is the largest bird in North America?

Learning about tracking condors with radio telemetry
The California condor is the largest bird in North America and their story is one of hope and possibility. In 1987 there were only 22 condors and none of them were in the wild. The San Diego Zoo's Safari Park, US Fish and Game, and other agencies worked together in a breeding effort to save the condors from the brink of extinction.

My 6th grade students have been studying the threats to condors specifically lead poisoning from bullets left in carcasses of animals the scavengers feed on. We visited the Safari Park's Beckman research facility to learn about how researchers use karyotyping to determine if a condor is a male or female in order to pair condors for the breeding program. Students also learned about radio telemetry to track released condors. The students used telemetry units to find adorable stuffed animal condors.

We also explored the park and visited Condor Ridge to watch condors feeding. It was beautiful weather and a wonderful day. I had NO voice and am grateful to have had fabulous parents and great students who made the day a success.