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Digital Model Activity for 5PS1-1 - Such Creativity!

This drag and drop digital model activity was a fun end to our chemistry unit in 5th grade! The standard we were covering is 5PS1-1 about how matter is made of particles too small to see. I loved their creativity. This dragon cracked me up. I just love it!

I encouraged the students to add other pictures to their digital slides. Here is the easiest way: At the top (towards the left), choose "insert" and then "image." Then choose "search the web" and a search bar will come up on the right. Students can search for web images without leaving the slide.
I love how this student left space in her writing and really organized her thoughts. I will encourage students to do that next year.
 I love how this student added a water bowl for the kangaroos. I would say our biggest improvement needs to be on grammar and editing. They understood how matter is made of particles and they were really into the activity. It was nice to have multiple slides uploaded so when students finished a slide they could work on another slide.
Here is the product cover. This engaging activity is available on TPT. Upload the slides to Google Classroom and choose to have each student get their own copy. Model how to complete the slide and let the students go!