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San Diego Science and Engineering Festival in March! It's Awesome!

Have you taken your kids to events put on during the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering? Don't miss these amazing, free events throughout San Diego! I have attended events at PetCo Park, CSUSM, SDSU, Fleet Center, the police station, and more. Make ice cream with liquid nitrogen, learn about DNA, see robots, learn about the Mars rover, make a solar powered car, learn about the science that goes into making surf boards, and MORE!

Go to https://www.lovestemsd.org/ and search for events you'd like to attend. It is inspiring to see what others in education and various fields are doing to promote science and engineering education.
A few years ago, my elective class was the featured middle school class at the Science and Engineering Festival at PetCo Park. Read about it HERE. 

Two years ago, our science and math team was recognized with an Exceptional Team Awards at CSUSM Super Science Day which is part of the San Diego Science and Engineering Festival. Read about it HERE.