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Matter is Made of Particles- New Digital Resource

Introducing a brand new product!...Creating digital models is so engaging for students. In this Google slide project, students answer the question, "Can you see particles that make up matter?" Students label at least two different states of matter and explain the molecule movement in the text box. Labels, arrows, and examples of molecule movement are provided for students to drag and drop onto the gif. Engaging gifs include a seal on a beach, kangaroos, a sea cave, mountain lake, and more. There are seven slides to choose from.

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Here is an example of a completed slide. This resource comes with examples of completed slides for each of the seven moving pictures/gifs.

Above are more examples of completed slides. There are lots of right ways to completed this activity. I use this with 5th grade science students to cover NGSS 5PS1-1 discussing how particles of matter are too small to see.

Here is the rubric I created to help with assessment.

Students really get into this activity. Multiple slides offer student choice in how they want to approach the activity. This can also be completed in pairs. Click here to purchase this resource on TPT.