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Let's Take the Books Outside!

Reading outside... it was a fun and easy activity that was a HUGE hit with the kids. So simple, why haven't I done it before?

This Instagram post by @hellojenjones caught my attention. I have a classroom full of beautiful science books that often sit on the shelf. At SPU we are so fortunate to get PTO money twice a year to add to our classroom libraries from the Scholastic book fair. I love my collection of books but don't get them into the kids' hands as much as I should. 

Last week, I took several of my elementary science classes to the garden. Each student had a book in hand. I only have the kids for 30 min. so I gave a quick commercial for some of the books. My books are organized so I showed the kids the labels and asked them to remember the shelf they got their book from and to return it to the same shelf. I did this with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade classes. I did little mini commercials for books a about the most unusual sea creatures, scariest animals, dinosaur encyclopedias, and more.

We went outside to the garden, and I read the kids a favorite book of mine. To mix it up for myself and topics we are covering in class, I read different books to different classes. Gravity is a fun book because of the pictures of the banana throughout it.

We practiced listening a couple of times because the last thing I want is to have a group of kids outside that are all nutsocrazy. We lined up with our books and headed to the stump seats in the garden.
The kids loved this simple, fun activity! I was glad to see my beautiful books a little ruffed up with love. The kids asked if we could do this again. Oh ya!

The Street Beneath My Feet book is so cool!