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Expanding My Perspective

Lately everything has been hurting. My heart, head, and shoulders feel the weight of the hurt. I miss my husband who passed away 15 months ago; I miss my boys who are at college; I miss living in our home that was damaged in a fire; and I physically hurt my lip, tooth, and knee hurt because I fell last week. And no, I'm not showing a picture of my beat up face because it is just embarrassing. I actually really fell on my face. 

This weekend in General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, President Nelson told a story about his granddaughter-in-law who was struggling with her father's illness and passing. She then expanded her perspective and worked to seek an eternal view. There is a divine plan and those we love still live, love, and look out for us. Although, I know this is true, I sometimes lose perspective.

My perspective is often positive and healthy but at times I feel defeated and low. It is a daily battle to keep an eternal perspective. I am working to improve but it is a process and it is a hard one. I am working to let God prevail in my life.