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How to Set Up a Classroom in a Pandemic


Addy and I saw this adorable sign today at Brick N Barn in Valley Center. I am excited that students are coming back to class soon! This sign made me smile.

Plexiglass dividers will be added this coming week before students arrive. I love how students will be able to have a partner but be safe with plexiglass. Students are all to face foward so no one is exposed to germs from someone across a table facing them. In the book bins, I will have a clipboard for each student and they will keep their reading books inside. This will minimize down time in the classroom library and everyone will always have a book accessible. The clipboard will be something students can take to work outside to increase social distancing. (clipboards are from the 99 Cent Store)

The bins are from Teaching Tree and can be purchased online from Dollar Tree. I am short a handful so I have an online order coming this week. They are a variety of colors but I will only be using green for now. I love the simplicity of seeing one color. I added the student number to the other side of the bin.

I bought editable labels from Hollie Griffith on TPT. I am really happy with this purchase. I used a font called Learning Cursive to make the name tags. It is a beautiful cursive to help students learn to write their name.

The chairs are facing away from the desk because this is how students will put their chairs each day so they can be cleaned. The student desks have a large opening on the right side so their Ikea bin of school supplies will be all together and slide into this cubby. I still have a lot of work to do but I feel like I have a plan.

It may sound like I have things together, but I have a ways to go. I have learned to ask for help when I need to. I asked for help on Fri. and some wonderful teacher friends came to the rescue with clear packing tape, some muscle to move tables, and cut out laminated name tags. It was just help I needed as I work to move Addy and I back home while getting my classroom ready.